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I am an illustrator, designer, biologist, researcher, doodler, hiker and rock climber. My aptitudes and interests have always been varied, and biomedical art allows me to combine them into a vibrant merger of art, science and aesthetics.


Science fair was what started it for me. As a high school student, I sacrificed my weekend plans in favor of running all-night PCR's in my dad's lab. My predisposition towards communicating visually and innate sense of color, composition and realism elevated my projects, eventually taking me to international competitions. This experience showed me the power of visual communication, and pushed me towards applying my skills to create altruistic, functional work. My early gravitation towards medical art prompted me to write my own undergraduate program combining Biomedical art-specific training with medical and scientific courses which prepared me for my career as an illustrator.

Areas of Expertise

Traditional and Digital Illustration

Natural Science and Anatomical Subjects

Graphic, Logo and Product Design 

Compositing & Sound Design


Motion Graphics & Storyboarding 

Concept Art

Adobe Creative Suite

3D StudioMax

Observational Illustration

Color Theory

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