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I bring a diverse skill set to biomedical illustration with over 15 years experience in the field ranging from art direction and digital asset management to laboratory research and patient education.

My approach is rooted in visual storytelling that centers viewer experience, with the goal of distilling complex concepts into accessible images that serve as a bridge between patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, students and more. I rely on a strong foundation in traditional draftsmanship to guide my work in both digital and analogue media, and my fascination with life sciences and the natural world informs my approach to every image.


In recent years I've applied my experience by training and mentoring illustrators, developing stylistic resources, and developing my skills in project management.

Areas of Expertise

Visual Communication

Art Direction

Project Management


Digital and Analogue Illustration

Style Matching


Collaboration and Critique

Animation & Storyboarding 

Motion Graphics

Concept Art

Adobe Creative Suite

Color Theory

Cinema 4D

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